Experts in information security

We create solutions that provide secure access to data without compromising the user experience or security.

Our technology is secure by design and works across a variety of platforms including laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Our expertise is built into our products, enabling you to engineer systems which simplify security, reduce costs and enhance productivity.

Our vision

To offer the most secure and the most useable technology to ensure protection of sensitive data and financial transactions globally, supporting both the largest organisation to the individual consumer.

Security … without compromise

Our software and hardware solutions are secure by design and intended to meet, and exceed, the highest security standards for authentication and identity management.

Our hardware device is designed with security, usability and cost effectiveness at its core. With alignment to FIPS 140-2 Level 3*, organisations can trust the device to help protect data and credentials to a high assurance level.

Our Software Solution, iDENprotect, utilises the security hardware of the mobile device by underpinning its security with the device’s cryptographic hardware.

Usability … without compromise

Our unique iDENprotect and iDENprotectplus products provide the optimum balance of security and usability, ensuring a great user experience without compromise.

The Bluetooth Low Energy hardware devices, in credit card form factor, have a single button with no screens, keypads or scope for manual error.

A single press of the button establishes secure connection, allowing the user to access data or applications without being inconvenienced.

Cost-effectiveness … without compromise

The use of iDENprotect, iDENprotectplus and/or iDENprotectserver can reduce your security and identity management costs by as much as 70%.

Our solutions provide you with the ability to consolidate traditional technologies into a single smart authentication solution offering economies of scale.

Together, both iDENprotect and iDENprotectplus can kick start your BYOD/CYOD projects and replace cumbersome and expensive products such as hardware number generators, smartcards and smartcard readers, whilst maintaining the highest level of security.

Identity … without compromise

Used alone, or in combination, to cater for different levels of access requirements, iDENprotect and iDENprotectplus work seamlessly side by side to help secure all your data and enable you to take a risk-based approach to authentication.

Any combination of our hardware and software solutions can be quickly deployed and centrally controlled from the same management console. Users can be added or switched from one to the other as access policies or regulations dictate.

Whether pressing the button on hardware device or pressing the logo on the software, the user experience remains the same … simple, convenient and effective.

Press Release

April 2017
Apply Mobile will now trade as iDENprotect®
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Cube Tech Fair

10-12 May, Berlin
Craig McDermott, CEO, joins a network of exceptional global entrepreneurs, business leaders and policy makers who will share insights on shaping the future of technology, innovation and digital transformation.
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Infosecurity Europe 2017

June 6-8, London Olympia
Visit our stand S20 for demonstrations of our hardware and software products.
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