What makes great enterprise authentication?


The Only Solution Combining Enterprise Grade Security and Next Generation Multi-Factor Authentication That Users Actually Like Using.

Why Prioritise Security and Lose Usability?


iDENprotect significantly increases productivity by eliminating the need to enter passwords. It enables users to gain secure access to all online systems including CRM systems, email and file sharing solutions safe in the knowledge that they are protected by a trusted unique key, stored within the cryptographic hardware of their mobile device.
That means no more cards, card readers, number generators or similar additional hardware, no unnecessary administrative overheads or costs, no heavy deployment and greatly improved operational efficiency.

For IT

By eliminating the need for a password we remove the threat of the theft of credentials by successful phishing or malware attacks. Utilising the secure chip embedded in the mobile device, we deliver next generation security and eliminate the risk of passwords being disclosed or compromised. iDENprotect can be installed on premise or in the cloud to suit your existing infrastructure and security processes thereby ensuring minimum interruption and maximum usability.

For the END USER

Imagine logging in only once, gaining access to all your vital systems and apps via a single portal, safe in the knowledge that you have no password that could be accidentally ‘shared’ or ‘stolen’. No need to carry around specialist security devices, no more password resets and much more time to focus on the work that counts.

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Security designed with you in mind

We believe that the process of accessing internal systems should be easier, more secure and give users much more than a password or a credential could ever offer.

That’s why we designed a solution that does all of this and goes further too.

Our solutions can support your internal users or customers with strong, easy to use authentication backed up by enterprise trusted mechanisms. By utilising purposely designed hardware security in today’s mobile devices and computer platforms, we can enable your business to increase the availability of information, keep productivity high and optimise processes throughout the workforce securely on any device throughout your workforce.

iDENprotect breaks down the traditional barriers between the two conflicting requirements of usability and security.


iDENprotect uses a device’s internal security hardware to create a tamper-resistant vault in which the user’s private key is stored. With this approach, even a device’s own operating system cannot force a breach and it is impossible to copy or remove the key. This delivers security that is stronger than traditional hardware tokens and smartcards.

The iDENprotect solution creates immutable digital identities that are locked to employees’ devices. These identities form the basis of an unbreakable chain of trust between the user, their device and your organisation.

With iDENprotect, employees can access everything from web services to Windows desktops using a single login. Importantly, they are not restricted to just the latest applications and services, they can securely access a wide range of legacy applications too.

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Financial Services

Malicious attackers and ingenious fraudsters recognise that the ubiquity of connected modern devices and the shortcomings of current processes and technologies gives them plenty of opportunities to steal information and make significant financial gains. iDENprotect provides businesses with appropriate and proportionate protection by providing the first line of defence with secure access, effective authentication and preventative controls.

Government Departments

In recent years, the move to cloud platforms by public sector organisations has provided them with a more connected and efficient way of providing services to the public. The transition to cloud continues to present challenges as attackers and fraudsters try to gain unauthorised access to personal data, financial records and other sensitive data. iDENprotect’s superior authentication, single sign-on and digital signing solutions adds further assurance and trust by eliminating vulnerabilities associated with credential theft and unauthorised access to remote and web systems.

Healthcare Sector

The healthcare companies and providers are targeted by a number of threat actor due to the value of information that they hold. Governments have increased the security posture of these organisations through regulations of data security requirements and mandates around risk management. These organisations require both technology and process driven controls to defend against cyber security attacks. iDENprotect provides the most simple yet secure way of allowing pharmaceutical and healthcare staff to access vital medical and patient information without the need of using passwords or cumbersome security logon processes, therefore saving time and increasing productivity.

Legal Sector

Legal firms today are becoming more and more data driven whilst at the same time, increasing numbers of employees choose to conduct business on the move via their mobile device. Contracts, legal papers, personal data are just some of the forms of sensitive information that law firms email, share, upload, message and share with internal and external stakeholders. Using iDENprotect, firms large or small can ensure their users spend for time focused on business whilst also mitigating the risk from cyber attacks.