The future is password-free

idenprotect gives you swift, simple and secure access to all your corporate applications without ever needing to use a password. Just download the idenprotect app, enrol with idenprotect and use the biometric sensor on your smart device to log in. Easy as that.

The standard for secure authentication

idenprotect is the first all-in-one password-free authentication, single sign-on and identity platform for organisations. Designed to meet the security needs and standards of regulated industries, it offers a safer, quicker and easier way of logging in.


Actual secrets, not shared secrets

Passwords are shared secrets. You know it and the service provider knows it. idenprotect creates a private key stored in the secure hardware of a user’s device. No one can access that key, not even us.


A safer and faster IT experience

With password-free authentication, there are no passwords to remember or type in and, more importantly, none to forget or accidentally disclose. By removing passwords, we remove stress, wasted time and the hackers’ #1 target.


Return on investment in less than 3 months

The elimination of passwords improves efficiency and productivity so dramatically that you’ll see a return on your investment in weeks, not years.


3 x deployment options

Our solutions can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or somewhere in between as a hybrid, providing you with options depending on your IT strategy.

idenprotect Passwordless MFA “just works”

Life is complicated enough. idenprotect is all about removing unnecessary complication while keeping organisations safe from data breaches and the risks associated with passwords. The fact that people say our solution “just works” means we’re succeeding.

Take a Look at our Use Cases and Solutions

Password-Free Secure Access in the Workplace

Eliminate credential theft, reduce risk and provide your users with the best experience by employing idenprotect’s password-free technology

PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication

Learn more about how you can give your customers the best experience possible with password-free technology

Defending the Legal Sector from Cyber Attacks

Learn how idenprotect’s secure decentralised password-free technology is defending the legal sector from cyber attacks

Secure, Password-Free Single Sign-On for all

Give your users the best experience possible by enabling them to use a single login to access multiple applications without a password

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