Are you aware of the Mobile Threats?

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when deploying Mobile, either as a consumer offering through an Application or “App” or as a business tool for your workforce. It has been well documented through the press and other media that the number of attacks on Mobile technologies are significantly increasing as Attackers and Hackers find new ways of compromising data to gain unauthorised access to systems or to make financial gain. When embarking on a mobile project, it is important to carry out a Threat Assessment or as it is sometimes called “Threat Modelling”.

Threat Modelling sets the scene in regards to risk as different Mobile solutions will have different threats. The threats themselves may vary in complexity depending on the motivation of the attacker and the lengths they will go to obtain secrets or access financial systems. Having identified the threat, the risk can be calculated and the relevant controls can be implemented that will mitigate or eliminate a specific risk from a specific threat. Our consultants have drawn together some of the most common threats that have been identified within industries such as Financial Services and Government. The list is in no means exhaustive but it provides insight to the types of threats out there. Please click on the image to the right to see the full size diagram.

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