Apply Mobile’s state of the art authentication is made available to users of Good Technology

Press Release: London, 3rd August 2015

Apply Mobile Limited, a leading provider of mobile and data security solutions announced today that it has become an independent software vendor (ISV) to Good Technology™, the leader in secure mobility.  Good Technology customers are now able to use iDENtear, Apply Mobile’s contact-less hardware device, to protect their most sensitive information and data, both online and offline.

Craig McDermott, CEO, Apply Mobile said: “One of the biggest concerns for leaders of businesses globally is the need to protect the sensitive information and data that is accessed via company owned devices and employees’ smart phones, tablets and laptops. With an increasing number of companies introducing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies the need to introduce better security is paramount.  Each and every day we see news headlines about hackers, cyber attacks and the loss of data from small and large firms. The problem will only get worse making it vital for firms to employ new approaches to protect their reputation and data.”

“iDENtear for Good provides real two-factor authentication – it is based on something the user has (the iDENtear device) and something he knows (a password or PIN). This provides much stronger controls than traditional usernames and passwords. It also prevents access to applications or data if a tablet or smartphone has been compromised or has been stolen.  This is something that the popular software tokens cannot guarantee.”

iDENtear for Good is now available on the Apple App store and via the Good Dynamics® Marketplace and customers are actively trialing the solution to give a higher level of mobile security to their workforces.

Phil Barnett, vice president, global sales at Good Technology said: “The iDENtear for Good application enables the direct integration of a contact-less, multi-factor, hardware-based authentication device with the industry-leading Good secure container solution. Organisations benefit from high levels of security assurance, while the simple user experience enables protected access to corporate email, the web and the other productivity tools offered by Good.”

Despite the elegant simplicity of requiring a single “button press”, the remote iDENtear device provides the highest level of security and is Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 3 pending – the gold standard of high assurance security. A single iDENtear device can be used with multiple computing devices whilst having the ability to be a replacement of all calculator-type devices, OTP display tokens, Smartcards and Smartcard readers/jackets. In addition to significantly improving security and the user experience, iDENtear is easier and cheaper to deploy than alternative solutions.

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