Idenprotect and Awingu join forces to deliver first password-free Unified Workspace

Idenprotect, maker of phishing-resistant, passwordless authentication and access technology and Awingu, maker of a browser-based secure remote access and unified workspace solution, have today announced they are entering into a strong partnership to deliver a true, password-free workspace solution. This bespoke partnership is a unique development in this space because combining their two technologies delivers a password-free Zero Trust-based secure authentication and access to business applications, desktops and file servers from any device, anywhere.

Awingu is a leading provider of secure remote access technology and a Gartner Cool Vendor in Unified Workspaces. Awingu’s solution provides businesses and organisations of all sizes with a cost-effective and simple workplace solution. Unlike most solutions in the market, Awingu does not require agents or software to be installed on end-user devices. Awingu runs entirely in the browser, where it aggregates all company files and applications, including SaaS and “legacy” Windows or Linux applications into one online workspace with just one login.

Idenprotect is the first all-in-one Zero-Trust password-free authentication, single sign-on and access  platform for organisations. Users can enroll and install the idenprotect app on their smart device, and simply and securely login to the Awingu workspace using the biometric sensors on the smart device. Users simply log in through their browser from any device, anywhere.

This new partnership between Idenprotect and Awingu makes perfect sense in every way. By combining our zero-trust technologies together, it creates a real game-changer for many organisations that are dealing with the security and operational challenges of remote and hybrid working. The combination of a highly secure, password-free authentication and mobile secure access solution along with Awingu’s fully-featured secure desktop browser workspace environment ensures that all users at all levels can enjoy simple, hassle-free and secure access to their corporate workspace. ” says idenprotect CEO Craig McDermott.

The partnership with idenprotect gives Awingu users a more choice for secure authentication, next to the Awingu built-in MFA features. Since the release of Awingu 5.0 we have increased our focus on providing Zero Trust secure solution and extending our technology partner eco-system is instrumental in this journey”. Adds Arnaud Marlière, Chief Sales & Marketing at Awingu.

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About Idenprotect

Idenprotect is the first all-in-one password-free authentication, single sign-on and mobile secure access platform. Leading global organisations use Idenprotect to improve security, meet regulatory mandates and reduce complexity and costs. Idenprotect eliminates the hacker’s #1 target – the password – to protect against fraud, phishing and credential theft, it makes employee access and customer payments and transactions more secure. It can be deployed quickly and promises a superior user experience.

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About Awingu

Awingu produces a browser-based Unified Workspace solution. It allows users to work and collaborate from virtually anywhere using any device compatible with HTML5 browsers. As a turnkey solution, Awingu offers businesses the ease and convenience of platform-independent mobility and offers everything you need to stay productive: legacy and cloud applications, documents and data. Awingu requires zero configuration and zero client software installation, making IT administration extremely simple. Awingu is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium, with offices in the United States.

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