STEP 1 : Install

The iDENprotect client requires that you have enabled device security, either Biometric or PIN

First thing to do is to install the client on your mobile device by downloading the iDENprotect client from the relevant appstore (iOS or Android).

Once the app is installed you can enrol your device with the iDENprotect Demo.

You can then enrol with the demo by going to the demo start page, Demo Enrolment Page (Link opens in new tab)

Enter your email adderess and click Next.

A QR Code will be displayed. Open your iDENprotect client and click  get started

Give the client the required permissions and scan the QR Code This will enrol the device on the iDENprotect Demo Server.

A video of this process is available here

Once enrolled you can select next on the demo site and you can experience the authentication use-case.

Enter your email address and select authenticate.

You will see a QR code on the screen and receive a push-notification on your device'

To complete the authentication either accept the push notification or click Authenticate on the client and scan the QR Code.
You will have to enter your device PIN or present a registered fingerprint to complete the authentication.
Once authenticated you will see a list of icons that the user could access having authenticated with an iDENprotect IdP. These are just examples.