idenprotect for Financial Services

Boost security and agility in the new economic landscape

idenprotect helps financial organisations innovate faster while keeping their people and devices safer. We do this by eliminating the IT industry’s biggest problem: the password.

The pressure’s on

With growing customer demand for better and faster transactions and interactions, banks, insurers and wealth management firms are becoming more technology-focused and innovation-driven than ever before. 

While this new approach has the potential to unleash significant new revenue streams via digital channels, it means financial organisations must be much more agile than they’re used to. There’s enormous pressure to reduce IT costs and complexities associated with fragmented and legacy technology stacks, while staying compliant with an ever-lengthening list of regulations. 

At the same time, remote workers’ identities and devices are the new security perimeter for many financial firms in the new economic landscape. Cybersecurity—already a top priority for this heavily targeted sector—is now as critical as internet access itself.

Benefits for Financial Services


Private keys instead of passwords

idenprotect replaces passwords and pre-shared keys with private keys. And while many solutions store authentication keys in software, we store the private key in hardware: the secure chip in a user’s smart device, which hackers and malware can’t get to. This creates a fully decentralised security system that makes the hacker’s job difficult, expensive and not worth the hassle.


Nothing physical to roll out

Users authenticate with the biometric sensor on the devices they already use. This saves your company from having to provide and manage specialist devices, making idenprotect quick and easy to deploy.


Legacy systems integrations

Many financial services organisations use password-based legacy systems, so making them available remotely would be too risky. idenprotect uses advanced reverse proxy technology to give remote workers secure, password-free access to legacy applications with significantly reduced risk. Crucially, it does this without the need for any modifications to the apps themselves.


Remote working

By allowing users to authenticate, easily and without passwords, using their existing devices, idenprotect is a natural facilitator of remote working. With off-the-shelf integrations and reverse proxy technology enabling password-free access to systems widely used in the financial sector, secure and effective homeworking couldn’t be easier.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is essential for financial services firms seeking to improve their interactions with, and services to, customers. The elimination of passwords with integration-ready technology accelerates your organisation’s move to an easy-access-anywhere model, which is at the heart of any successful transformation.

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