idenprotect for Government

Accelerate digital transformation with a new access standard

As the hidden key to any successful digital transformation is safe and easy access anywhere, idenprotect is the platform that can really make a difference to the public sector.

Government identity management is in the spotlight

Governments worldwide are digitally transforming to make public services more efficient, effective and available. What complicates this is that the public sector is saddled with a huge number of out-of-date and siloed technologies. Government organisations also have to balance the need to cut costs against stringent policy requirements regarding government data.

With the economic landscape profoundly uncertain and changing fast, these pressures will intensify and the need to modernise will become more urgent. Already, the facilitation of remote working for public sector employees has put the government’s identity and access management in the spotlight.  

idenprotect is an easy-to-deploy authentication and single sign-on platform that eases these pressures. It does this by integrating seamlessly with modern or legacy infrastructure, and by eliminating the single biggest source of IT inefficiency and vulnerability: the password. 

Benefits for Government


A secret key in an unbreachable vault

Instead of a password or a pre-shared key, we use a private key. And while most solutions store authentication keys in software, we store the private key in hardware, specifically the secure chip in a user’s smart device. This is the equivalent of putting it in an unbreachable bank vault, where hackers and malware can’t get to it.


Authentication on corporate or bring-your-own devices

We make secure, password-free access to government systems possible on the devices workers already use, saving organisations from having to distribute and manage specialist hardware. For the user, authentication is effortless. With no passwords to remember, lose or forget, they simply scan their face or fingerprint and they’re in.


Decentralised security = no treasure trove for hackers

By virtue of being shared secrets, passwords are stored and managed in a central location—a treasure trove for hackers. By eliminating passwords and using real secrets instead of shared ones, idenprotect eradicates this treasure trove, decentralising your security by forcing hackers to attack each device individually.


Legacy systems integrations

idenprotect enables secure, password-free access to thousands of applications and systems widely used in the government sector, including legacy ones. This is courtesy of off-the-shelf integrations and innovative reverse proxy technology, which removes the need to make any modifications to the apps themselves.


Remote working

Many government organisations are using 2-factor authentication (2FA) solutions to allow employees to work remotely. These can be expensive to implement and frustrating to use, particularly on older systems. Plus, the biggest vulnerability of all remains: the password. idenprotect eliminates these problems by removing passwords, enabling authentication on existing devices and integrating with legacy remote working tools.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is essential for modern government. idenprotect paves the way for digital transformation of government organisations by connecting employees with the systems and data they need, anywhere and anytime, without complicated sign-in processes slowing them down.

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