You’ve implemented ‘Phishing & Identity Protection’
so why aren’t you secure?

phishing and Identity

If you’re like many organisations, you’ve spent far too long trying to shore up your cyber security.

  You’ve made passwords more complicated.

  You’ve introduced 2FA.

  You’ve implemented VPNs for remote workers.

The result? Greater complexity, a more frustrating user experience, and you’re still vulnerable to cyber attacks, phishing and identity assurance.

Houston, we have a problem.

Identity & Cyber Security - The real problem, you must know how to deal with

For all the complexity of modern cyber security, the real problem is devastatingly simple: it’s simply far too easy for attackers to pretend to be someone they’re not.

  It’s why the media reports so many successful attacks.

  It’s why complex precautions so often fall to the simplest scams.

  And it’s why the largest, most respected global brands use our award-winning technology to protect their businesses.

enterprise secure browser

The three big identity security problems we help solve

  Securing applications and systems without relying on headache-inducing passwords

 Delivering a better user experience, ensuring employees are secure by default

 Providing secure, identity-driven web browsing with full IT management from a single application

Stop Phishing + Passwordless authentication + identity-driven browsing = sleep better at night

Idenprotect Passport is the first true passwordless authentication system with phishing resistance built in. It works hand-in-hand with leading identity and single sign-on vendors including Okta, Ping and Microsoft to offer a safer, quicker and easier way of logging in.

Idenprotect Go is the secure enterprise web browser that takes an identity-first approach. It means users no longer need passwords or additional applications to authenticate themselves. And you no longer have to worry about waking up to another successful attack.


Actual secrets, not shared secrets

Passwords are shared secrets. But a secret that’s shared isn’t really secret at all. Idenprotect creates a private key stored in the secure hardware of a user’s device. No one can access that key, not even us. Phishing and Govt.


Identity-driven browsing

Employees are accessing your most valued resources on insecure consumer-grade browsers. We can help you upgrade users to a secure enterprise web browser that embraces our passwordless authentication.


Return on investment in less than 3 months

With improved efficiency and productivity, you’ll see a return on your investment in weeks, not years.


A safer, Non Fishing, faster IT experience

With Idenprotect, there are no passwords to remember or type. None to forget. None to leave stuck to a monitor. By removing passwords, we remove unnecessary stress, wasted time and the hackers’ #1 target.

Use Cases and Solutions

Passwordless secure access

Eliminate credential theft, significantly reduce risk and give users something to smile about.

PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication

Offer your customers the best possible experience with our passwordless solutions.

Defending the Legal Sector from Cyber Attacks

The legal sector is becoming a prime target for attack, learn how Idenprotect can help protect your firm.

Passwordless for the enterprise

Enable your users to use a single login to rapidly access multiple applications without a password.

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