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A look at some new and popular features within the iDENprotect product set. In this article we focus on managing multiple devices as well as an upgrade to our BlackBerry Dynamics support and Certificate Revocation Support. Read on for more information. 


  1. Enabling Multi Device Management

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) means employees have a certain degree of autonomy when it comes to the management of their own devices, including when they change the device they use to access company data or to authenticate in order to access company data. Therefore, when devices are used as a factor of authentication, it is important to make it easy to keep up to date with which devices a user is currently using. One way of helping with this is to give the employee the tools they need manage their own devices.

Users may have multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets or laptops. With an iDENprotect enabled solution, If a user receives a new device or wants to un-enroll their personal device, it can all be done from the iDENProtect app. This form of self-service not only reduces the unnecessary helpdesk costs but allows a better user experience. 

Enrolling multiple devices is a key requirement for our customers and gives end users greater control over the management of their own devices.

  1. SSO done right for both new and legacy systems

Many organisations may be on a journey to the cloud due to all the advantages of cloud computing. However the reality is that many organisations still rely on a number of ‘legacy’ applications that are difficult to integrate into a frictionless access process and it is also difficult to migrate to the cloud. These applications often use username and passwords that are linked to an organisation’s Windows Active Directory system. At iDENprotect we help organisations enjoy the benefits of single sign-on whether using modern apps or applications and systems that are considered legacy.  

In an iDENprotect enabled solution, the iDENprotect Authentication Portal allows a user to enter their email or username only to access services without a password. This provides a consistent user experience for accessing services such as Outlook Web Access. The iDENprotect password-free solution not only increases productivity but reduces the risk of phishing attacks.

  1. Certificate Based Authentication for BlackBerry Dynamics

The BlackBerry product set is a great way to enable access to corporate data from anywhere, on any device in a secure way. At iDENprotect, we strive to make the authentication into Blackberry applications, and then to corporate data beyond, simple, but also, secure as possible.

You can now authenticate to the iDENprotect authentication portal using certificate based authentication (Mutual TLS). This feature is particularly useful when used with BlackBerry as this means it can be used by BlackBerry Applications to sign into the Authentication Portal without a password. This further increases productivity for users and removes the needs to enter passwords over and over again for multiple applications. For example, if you authenticate via BlackBerry Dynamics and then enter the BlackBerry Access Browser to access Salesforce, Office 365 or other supported apps, you don’t need to authenticate again, ensuring a much smoother user experience. 

  1. Certificate Revocation Support

When an organisation needs to block access to its data for a particular user, it is important to be able to revoke any credentials that may have already been issued to specific users that should no longer have access to data.  

iDENprotect manages user’s identities, fully supporting Certificate Revocation Lists (CRL). This means that when a device/user is removed from iDENprotect, the details of the associated certificates are added to the Certificate Revocation List, preventing the user from logging on and gaining access to data.

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