iDENprotect & AimBrain announce technology partnership on enhanced authentication

London, November 6th, 2017

iDENprotect, a leader in providing secure hardware-backed multi-factor authentication software, and AimBrain, a Biometric Identity as-a-Service (BIDaaS) platform that provides step-up facial, voice and behavioural authentication, announced their partnership to the market today. Both organisations are committed to cybersecurity and fraud prevention with minimum impact to the end user.

The joint proposition combines iDENprotect’s software-based hardware-backed security technology with AimBrain’s facial authentication module, providing enterprises with an integrated, next-generation ‘device-plus-identity’ authentication solution to combat unauthorised systems access and fraudulent transactions without the need for additional security hardware devices.

Both iDENprotect and AimBrain believe in providing a cost-effective, flexible solution that allows all users secure and authenticated access to relevant data and services from various mobile devices without inconveniencing the user with additional hardware and complex passwords. The innovative technology provided by iDENprotect and AimBrain will help organisations achieve their goals to a more secure, faster performing and more convenient secure access technology.

Craig McDermott

iDENprotect Chief Executive Officer

The partnership with AimBrain and its intelligent biometric solution creates additional contexts about the user, improving security and performance. Combined with our superior authentication and trust technology, customers can be assured that their digital identities are being protected and organisations know who is accessing their systems. I am thrilled about this partnership and look forward to jointly offering our robust solutions to our customers to leverage their authentication needs.

This collaboration creates a market-leading identity authentication solution, bringing together the best of iDENprotect’s highly innovative, secure and cost-effective authentication solution with AimBrain’s facial authentication expertise. This enhanced level of security will flag fraud before it happens and brings extra security combined with ease-of-use to the regulated target markets of both companies. We are hugely excited to be working with a similar, next-generation technology company.

Andrius Sutas

AimBrain Chief Executive Officer

About AimBrain

AimBrain is a BIDaaS (Biometric Identity as-a-Service) platform for global institutions. Its unique combination of voice, facial and behavioural biometrics with cloud-based authentication authenticates the individual, not just the device. It has an industry leading cloud-based, multi-module identity authentication solution that combines both passive and active biometrics, and its technology is underpinned by proprietary deep learning, building an increasingly accurate profile of a user over time. Organisations can design a step-up approach to authorisation, escalating through the biometric authentication modules if an initial measurement falls below its acceptance threshold. This appropriate amount of frictions flags fraudulent transactions before they happen. AimBrain is omnichannel, deployed using open-source SDKs, and adheres to best security practices.
For further information about AimBrain, please contact Karen Quinn: [email protected]

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