Idenprotect Go — the only enterprise browser driven by identity

Remove passwords, eliminate risk, make employees sing your praises from the rooftops

It’s time to make the browser fit for today’s enterprise

Today, the browser is fundamental to how employees access mission-critical data and resources.

And that’s a problem.

The consumer-grade browsers most businesses use simply aren’t secure enough for high-stakes environments (no matter how many workarounds you adopt).

Most authentication is patchy and far from infallible.

And IT management is a never-ending headache.

But there is an alternative: Idenprotect Go, the enterprise browser that knows exactly who’s using it every second of the day.

How Idenprotect Go delivers real security
(the kind that actually works)


Identity first, connection second

Why wait for a connection to be established before finding out if a user is who they say they are? Idenprotect Go is the only enterprise browser that validates a user’s identity before connecting to valuable data.


Enterprise-ready security

Idenprotect Go supports public key infrastructure (PKI), Kerberos, mutual TLS, internal DNS, PAC files and more.


Cross-platform support

Idenprotect Go is available on Android and iOS with desktop support coming soon.


No more insecure passwords

Over 80% of data breaches start with compromised passwords. Idenprotect Go removes passwords and the number one attack vector used by hackers. (We also segregate keys and credentials from the mobile operating system to ensure total security.)


Kiss the VPN goodbye

IT pros love to hate VPNs for their complex configurations and overly permissive access rights. Idenprotect Go isn’t a VPN. It uses identity-driven authentication to establish a secure authenticated connection to your gateway.


Application or SDK

Use our SDK in custom applications to connect users to data – on-premise, in the cloud, wherever.

Full integration with Microsoft Intune and Endpoint Manager

Idenprotect Go is fully integrated with Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Conditional Access Polices on Azure. It means you can manage Idenprotect Go directly from the Azure platform. And Conditional Access Policies can be deployed to Idenprotect Go, aligning it with your corporate security policies and processes.

A pleasure to use

Give employees a simple, fast user experience without the need to memorise 15 random digits or disclose their mother’s maiden name. They simply open the app, validate their identity using biometrics and get on with what they need to do.

Easy to deploy, easy to manage

Quickly install the app from public app stores. Deploy via mobile device management (MDM/MAM) platforms. Centrally manage exactly how the browser behaves.

What Idenprotect Go can do for you


Prevent credential compromise by eliminating passwords

Our advanced public-key cryptography and decentralized security replaces fallible password-based authentication.


Provide a simple and seamless user experience for all users

Free your employees from the frustrations and complexities of endlessly logging into multiple applications with multiple passwords.


Securely validate all user identities to prevent unauthorised access

Use real-time smart intelligence to identify users, the device they’re using, where they’re located and any changes in their immediate environment that may pose a security risk.