idenprotect Management Platform

idenprotect’s Centralized Management Platform

A Flexible Platform That Can be Rapidly Deployed On-Premise, in the Cloud or as a Hybrid – Designed for Your Business Needs.


Meeting the challenges of an anywhere, anytime world is both complex and time consuming. Today’s organizations face a combination of three key driving forces:

  1. The transformation to become more data-driven – in virtually every aspect of the business and the way an organization serves its customers and clients.

  1. The need to support a growing mobile workforce which is using devices that, if inadequately secured, present a perfect attack vector for ever-more sophisticated criminals.

  1. The need to support a growing mobile workforce which is using devices that, if inadequately secured, present a perfect attack vector for ever-more sophisticated criminals.

Ultimately, this means that user authentication and access is a key battleground in the war to keep data and systems safe and you need to be absolutely certain that people are who they say they are.

It is essential that you use a centralized security platform that can manage and orchestrate complex user access processes, user enrolments and access policies with simplicity and ease. With more than 80% of data breaches being caused by compromised passwords and shared secrets, you also need a platform that does not contain the treasure chest sought by cyber attackers that gives them unauthorized access to data or to enables them to carry out fraudulent activity.

The idenprotect platform is an advanced server platform that is able to manage access security within your enterprise and for your customers. With its flexible component-based architecture and its ability to use a number of security protocols and standards, it can be deployed in the most complex and demanding of environments as an on-premise, cloud based or hybrid solution. A simple and rapid deployment will have your organization covered from password and shared-secret risks in next to no time.

The idenprotect Server Platform – Main Features


Manage Policies

Manage and configure a number of policies based on your requirements. A powerful policy engine allows the precise specification of enrolment process, geolocation policies or authentication types.


Enterprise Connectors

Connect to systems such as external Databases, Certification Authorities, Web Portals, LDAP and Active Directory services and more. Connections are secure and can use mutually authenticated TLS.


Rapid Deployment

Deploy in hours rather than weeks or months thanks to a simple installation and web-based setup process.


Simple Web Management Portal

Manage the entire platform from one simple to use portal or via APIs.


Scale to Millions of Users

The platform’s component-based architecture allows the solution to be scaled to meet the most demanding of use cases.


User Self Service

Allow users to manage their own devices or request changes such as windows credential management or name changes.


Deploy on-premise, cloud or as a hybrid

A fast, secure and robust single sign-on solution that can be installed on-premise, cloud or hybrid, to work with your internal and external applications. Cutting-edge federation service with a configurable policy engine.


Smart and Secure Directory Integration

Smart internal directory with ability to connect to multiple LDAP and Active Directory domains and forests with attribute write-back features – all delivered over secure links.


Multi-Portal and Reverse-Proxy Architecture

Protect your applications by integrating and customizing Single Sign-on functionality for both internal and external users within your own internal architecture designs and constraints.


Alerting, Reporting and Logging

Realtime ability to log, report and alert that can also integrate with SEIM technology.


Multi-factor Authentication

Supporting a number of different authentication types from idenprotect’s Password-Free MFA, OTP, hard tokens, digital certificates and more – ensuring proper security controls are maintained.


Ability to Customize

The platform can be customised with your branding and logos ensuring consistency with your internal services.

Flexible and Feature-Rich – Configure idenprotect for Your Needs

Supporting Third Party Authenticator Technology

The idenprotect platform has been designed to orchestrate and manage other authenticators such as OTP hard tokens, certificates and other authentication hardware solutions should that be required. The platform can also support third party biometric software via a plugin, ensuring the flexibility is in place to meet your ongoing requirements.


Support Third Party IAM or IDP Technologies

Already running an Identity and Access Management Solution or Identity Provider such as Microsoft ADFS, Okta or PING? Not a problem, the platform can be configured to work with these technologies with ease and provides the secure, decentralized password-free capabilities that are lacking from your current deployment – helping reduce risk further.

A Flexible Architecture to Support Your Needs

Some applications may have different requirements to allow a user to authenticate. To ensure a consistent and fluid SSO experience across the enterprise, idenprotect caters for these different requirements by bringing together different methods to ensure that it can cater for the thousands of applications and services in a simple to configure manner.

Make it fit with your Organization’s brand

idenprotect allows for customizations to its UI to ensure a fit with an Organization’s branding scheme. It provides the visual trust required by your staff and external authorized users that they are using a system owned by your organization.

Securely connect and manage your LDAP or Active Directory Services

– Mutually authenticated TLS to ensure both the LDAP or Active Directory server and the idenprotect platform are trusted

– Ability to securely update, reset and unlock user accounts, adhering to existing password complexity rules

– Ability to write signed and trusted certificates back to LDAP or Active Directory

– Ability to search for LDAP and Active Directory scheme attributes and custom attributes

– Connect to multiple domains and multiple forests within AD without installing agents on Domain Controllers

What idenprotect can do for You


Prevent credential compromise by eliminating passwords

Over 80% of data breaches are a result of
compromised passwords. idenprotect’s advanced public-key cryptography and decentralized security model replaces password-based authentication, therefore reducing risk.


Provide a simple and seamless user experience for all users

Free up your user’s time to work on more important things once they no longer have to face the frustrations and complexities of logging into multiple applications with multiple passwords on
a daily basis.


Securely validate all user identities to prevent unauthorised access

Using real-time smart intelligence to build a deeper context of who the user is, the device they are using, where they are located at time of access and any changes in their immediate environment that may pose a security risk.