idenprotect for mobile

Effortless, Secure Password-Free Technology on Mobile

Deploy password-free security across your enterprise or within your own custom applications and eliminate risk

We believe that one password is a password (and a risk) too many. idenprotect’s password-free technology eliminates the number one target for many attackers.


idenprotect were the first cyber security company to implement a secure, password-free solution. idenprotect software integrates with thousands of applications and services and the company continues to be amongst the leaders in password-free authentication and access. This is one of many reasons why some of the world’s leading organizations trust idenprotect to secure their users’ access to corporate systems and data.


With over 80% of successful data breaches caused by compromised passwords and pre-shared secrets, now is the time to go password-free with idenprotect.

idenprotect for Mobile – Supported Deployment Options


Mobile Device Management

Deploy via Mobile Device Management (MDM) platforms.


App Stores

Install the idenprotect App from the public App Stores.


Software Development Kit

Use idenprotect’s SDK within your custom applications

idenprotect for Mobile – Main Features


Simple to Use

Using the native flows of today’s mobile devices, the user experience could not be simpler than the one provided by idenprotect. All that’s required is the biometric sensor on an enrolled mobile device



The enrolled mobile device obtains the necessary trusted credentials from the idenprotect platform, so you don’t have to use or expose passwords


Crypto-Key Partition System

Ability to configure different cryptographic keys with different validity periods for different applications


Push, QR Code or Mobile Initiated

idenprotect supports a number of authentication and validation methods allowing administrators to specify which method or choice of methods they provide to their users


Cross Platform

idenprotect supports multiple platforms, mobile and desktop, covering iOS, MacOS, Android, Linux and Windows


Offline Authentication

The security is decentralized and can operate and authenticate without a network connection to allow protected access to offline applications


Application or SDK

idenprotect comes as an off-the-shelf application or as an SDK to be imported into your custom apps


idenprotect’s Hardware-Backed Security

Protection of keys and credentials are segregated from the mobile operating system to ensure total security

Secure and Seamless User Enrolment

Flexible and configurable to work with your HR and Joiner, Mover and Leaver processes, idenprotect can be installed in seconds with each user scanning an onboarding QR code. Additional security checks and authentication mechanisms can also be configured within the onboarding workflow.

In-Application Self-Service

Once successfully validated using a biometric, idenprotect and its certificates can be managed on the device, OTP logins can be initiated and Windows credentials can be managed from the application itself – all controllable via policy.

Offline Authentication

Thanks to its decentralized password-free technology, idenprotect provides secure offline authentication to applications when an internet connection may not be available. This is vital for people that travel frequently on aeroplanes or in areas where there is a poor data signal and no Wi-Fi.

Integrate with BlackBerry Dynamics and UEM

If you are a BlackBerry UEM, BlackBerry Dynamics, BlackBerry Work or BlackBerry Access user you can enjoy password-free access into BlackBerry Exchange Online and Office 365 can be accessed through BlackBerry Work or Blackberry Access in a more secure yet simpler way without multiple credential prompts and logins.


Remotely Revoke and Wipe Access

If a device is lost or stolen, the idenprotect application and the security within can be revoked remotely to prevent the unlikely event of unauthorised access. The application can also be wiped from the device remotely.


No Back-ups Required

Unlike many other mobile security solutions, idenprotect does not require the user to back up their idenprotect application. The idenprotect application and the security can be redeployed in seconds if a device needs to be wiped or the user has to replace it.


Software Development Kit (SDK)

Our SDK can be used by developers both in bespoke applications and as an independent authenticator app, servicing authentication requests from other applications and systems. It fully integrates with industry-leading standards such as SAML2, OATH and OpenID. The result? You get greater flexibility and easier integration as well as the ability to maintain your existing business processes and infrastructure investments. And, of course, outstanding security in an ever-riskier world.

What idenprotect can do for you


Prevent credential compromise by eliminating passwords

Over 80% of data breaches are a result of
compromised passwords. idenprotect’s advanced public-key cryptography and decentralized security model replaces password-based authentication, therefore reducing risk.


Provide a simple and seamless user experience for all users

Free up your user’s time to work on more important things once they no longer have to face the frustrations and complexities of logging into multiple applications with multiple passwords on
a daily basis.


Securely validate all user identities to prevent unauthorised access

Using real-time smart intelligence to build a deeper context of who the user is, the device they are using, where they are located at time of access and any changes in their immediate environment that may pose a security risk.