iDENtear announces first Patent Pending

iDENtear® provides a secure, contact-less authentication and access device that is agnostic of the mobile or computing platform. iDENtear integrates directly with the application and service through the iDENtear SDK, providing true, 2 factor authentication over a secure Bluetooth connection at a click of a single button. There are no complex interactions or having to read different screens and as such, iDENtear is easy to use and allows the user to concentrate on the application or service.

Technology Innovation and Advancement is at the heart of everything we do at Apply Mobile Limited. We have developed a number of new, exciting and  differentiated technologies and processes within iDENtear. We are delighted to announce Patent Pending status on ‘Improvements In and Relating to Random Number Generation Apparatus’ under patent application GB1414123.8.

This will be the first of many  Pending on one such technology device the most secure on the market.

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