IT2Trust Security Summit 2018- Denmark

About the event

it2trust logoThe Security Summit 2018, held in Farum, Denmark, is the latest annual workshop organised by our channel partner, IT2Trust.

Having gathered 12 of their strongest security brands, IT2Trust plans a day full of inspiration and education where attendees will get the chance to join 18 exciting vendor-led sessions providing insights on the latest cybersecurity technologies.

The event promises live product demonstrations from leading-edge technologies and an opportunity to speak with experts face to face.

Say hello to the team

You will find the iDENprotect team in Session Room A where our CEO, Craig McDermott, will be musing about all things identity and access management related.

In his presentation, Craig will discuss a broad range of current cyber affairs and emerging trends in multi-factor authentication, including matters such as GDPR, the revised NIST framework, the mobile-as-a-token trend and device-level trust. Craig will also provide a short introduction about iDENprotect, the unique approach we take to create ’digital identities’ and demonstrate the solution’s capabilities live.

Craig McDermott

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Erik Notermans

Chief Sales Officer

Event details

The event is free to attend, and more information can be found by following the link below.


Thursday, 12 April 2018


09.10am – 09.50am


Farum Park football stadium
Farum Park 2
3520 Farum, Denmark

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