idenprotect for Legal Services

Defend your clients’ data with stronger, more efficient security

idenprotect doesn’t just remove passwords. It replaces them with something far stronger and takes the user out of the equation, keeping your data and client money safe.

Law firms are becoming more cyber-aware

Law firms are always in cyber criminals’ crosshairs because of the amount of client data and potential money they hold. According to PwC’s Annual Law Firms’ Survey, all of the top 100 law firms suffered a security incident in 2019, predominantly email phishing and malware attacks. Law firms need robust security measures in place, now more than ever.

But there’s one thing that makes phishing and other kinds of cyber-attacks easy. Passwords. Eliminate all passwords from your law firm’s authentication processes and your risk of being breached will plummet. 

Benefits for Legal Services


No more compromised passwords

Over 80% of data breaches are the result of compromised passwords. idenprotect replaces passwords with an innovative multi-factor authentication (MFA) process combining user biometrics, strong public key cryptography and the secure chip on today’s mobile devices. This creates a new, decentralised security system without a single store of secrets for hackers to find.


The unbreachable bank vault

Instead of pre-shared keys stored in software, idenprotect uses private keys stored in hardware: the secure chip in a user’s smart device. This is like sealing it in an unbreachable bank vault where hackers and malware can’t get to it, rendering your infrastructure prohibitively expensive to attack.


More billable time

Going password-free is not just about fortifying your security. Your fee earners want to be billing 100% of their time to your clients, but entering passwords and waiting for password resets are a bar to doing that. Removing passwords speeds up processes and minimises disruption, enabling firms to capture more billable hours.


Legal sector integrations

idenprotect integrates with leading legal sector applications such as iManage, BigHand and many others. This enables users to log in once using idenprotect and get instant access to their work without having to log in again, creating a faster and more seamless user experience.


Remote working

idenprotect facilitates increased remote working by enabling users to authenticate on the devices they already use, and by eliminating a primary source of stress and wasted time: passwords. idenprotect also integrates with countless remote working tools (including legacy ones), making implementation a breeze.


Digital transformation

Digital transformation is changing how lawyers work and increasing the availability of legal services. The key to a successful transformation is giving fee earners fast and easy access to their applications, anywhere and anytime, without disruption. Enter idenprotect.

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