Password-Free Secure Access in the Workplace

Use idenprotect to secure your employees, contractors and other authorised users and protect them from credential theft and fraud, whilst delivering the best password-free user experience.

We live in an increasingly data-driven, mobile-enabled world. Modern workforces use a variety of devices for business purposes – whether in the office or on the move – allowing them to access a wide range of public and private applications.

But with increased choice comes increasingly complex security challenges for organisations and computer users alike. Challenges such as the ever-increasing use of passwords, an issue that even today’s leading security solutions struggle to overcome. And when individual cyber-criminals have access to the resources that used to be the preserve of nation states, you need to be sure your business is protected.

idenprotect — A More Effective Approach to Reduce Risk and to Make Computer Access Simpler and Faster for Your Users

Password-Free Authentication

Remove the risks and issues associated with passwords for a modern and secure approach to computer access across all platforms

Strong Hardware-Backed Security

Enable the most secure and trusted method available for all access requirements across your network

Decentralized Managed Client Identity

Eliminate the need to keep user credentials in one location and remove the attackers favoured target from your network

Remove the Frustrations

Remove the repetitive and frustrating processes needed to log in to applications and systems across your network

Be More Productive

Free up more time by speeding up the login process and reducing the number of logins to your applications

Realize Faster Return on Investment

Enjoy a quicker return on your investment through removing the need to support passwords

What idenprotect can do for your Workplace?

As we move away from the traditional parameterized network, moving data into the cloud and embracing mobile working practices, a number of challenges face senior management and IT when trying to ensure that access to corporate data is as secure as it can be.


With many password-based and shared secret access methods deemed insecure and traditional 2FA solutions having their vulnerabilities exposed, can you afford to chance your security?


It’s the reason why many leading organizations see secure, password-free access as the solution and that’s why they trust idenprotect – The password-free standard.


Desktop Multi-Factor Authentication

Complex and sophisticated attacks designed to capture passwords to allow easier access to your client’s sennsitive data, communications and financial deposits.


Desktop Single Sign-On

Remove the frustrations of multiple logins by rolling out a consistent access method, utilizing idenprotect’s super secure, password-free single sign-on solution.


MFA and SSO on Mobile Devices

Allow users to use their mobile devices to access applications and services securely on their mobile device, through the internal network or the cloud, providing easy access to data on the move.

The value that idenprotect brings to your organization


Improved usability, better security and protection by removing password and pre-shared secret vulnerabilities and frustrations.


Reduced IT support costs currently caused by multiple user account management, password resets and account unlock processes.


Remove complexity whilst freeing up more time for your employees to work on the important tasks and increase productivity.