Is Your Password Manager Vulnerable?

A recent article in Forbes has highlighted a vulnerability in password managers.

The flaw – which as been described as making the passwords stored “no more secure than saving passwords in a text file” – affects all the main providers, including 1Password, Dashlane, KeePass and LastPass.

In the article users are advised to “set up two-factor authentication for extra protection.” But as we know, even two-factor authentication doesn’t ensure security.

Maybe it’s the very concept of passwords that needs to be re-evaluated. Maybe we should look at providing secure access with no codes or passwords ever shown.

It is this concept of Next Generation Client Identity authentication – secure, context based, passwordless security that the user almost doesn’t know they are using – that we at iDENprotect believe to be the future. And as more of these password vulnerability stories appear, more security conscious businesses are agreeing with us.

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