PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

PSD2 and Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) are intended to enhance the security of payments and limit fraud. Find out more about how idenprotect can help you easily and rapidly achieve compliance to PSD2, delivering a secure payments solution that your customers will enjoy using.

PSD2 emphasizes how the security of payment systems such as mobile applications and mobile wallets for electronic payments should be implemented.

Under Article 9 of the Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) on SCA, requirements to “mitigate risks resulting from the mobile device being compromised” should be implemented. These include the use of multi-factor authentication and specifically, the “use of separated secure execution environments”.

Removing pre-shared secrets such as passwords and securing credentials in a decentralized way is the ultimate way to secure your customers.

Choose a solution such as idenprotect that can help you meet all of the requirements and more importantly, enable you to get to market quicker with your solution where your customers can enjoy a great user experience.

Trying to reach PSD2 compliance and enabling Strong Customer
Authentication on your own could be costly and time consuming


Security of User Credentials

You must ensure that the security of the solution is robust and will meet the PSD & SCA requirements


Seamless User Experience

You need to strike a balance between customer interaction and the use of multi-factor authentication


Time to Market

You need to get to market quckly to take advantage of the opportunity before others take your place

What can idenprotect do for you and Your Payment Solution Offerings

Ensure Robust Protection of the Customer’s Credentials

The use of password-free multi-factor authentication, digital signatures for transactions and secure execution environments provide all you need for a robust and secure way to protect your customers and met the regulations.


Provide Security in Your App that Your Customers will Enjoy Using

Use the idenprotect SDK within your applications to allow your customers to simply and quickly enrol themselves to your payment solution, providing a simple user experience that your customers will use again and again.


Provide you with the Tools to Quickly get to Market

Enables your business to build and roll out secure payment solutions quickly, saving the significant amounts of time and resources that can be spent developing an in-house solution that may not meet the PSD2 regulation.

idenprotect’s Products


Password-Free Multi-Factor Authentication

Enables you to set up and use multi-factor authentication using mobile devices to allow your users to access the data and resources they need in a secure and password-free manner.


Password-Free and Flexible Single Sign-On

Access everything from web applications, systems and services using a password-free single login process that is adaptable to your environment.


Decentralized Managed Client Identity

idenprotect’s unique Managed Client Identity provides a non-password based credential system within the secure chips of mobile devices to robustly secure credentials in a decentralized way.