Secure Single Sign-On for Enterprise

Reduce the number of logins for your users within your organization without requiring passwords

Single Sign-On is a great way of reducing IT costs and user frustrations BUT many solutions still rely on passwords and pre-shared secrets to validate and authenticate a user, making Single Sign-On a considerable risk to the organization.


Single Sign-On systems have become a target for cyber attackers. The significant risks that passwords and pre-shared secrets pose to your security are only amplified when using a combination of SSO and passwords. An attacker only has to use one of the many techniques at their disposal to compromise a user’s password and obtain SSO access to all the systems, resulting in a rapid and widespread data compromise.

Getting secure SSO right in your organization starts with the removal of passwords and pre-shared secrets. idenprotect were the first to pioneer and create simple to use password-free technology, designed to replace passwords and eliminate the risks of password theft, password reuse, phishing and many other known attacks and security issues.


idenprotect’s password-free MFA combined with idenprotect’s Single Sign-on creates a formidable security solution that eliminates the risks of credential compromise but also provides a solution that your users will enjoy using.

What idenprotect Secure Single Sign-On Delivers for Your Organization


Secure and Simple Access to Many Applications

idenprotect provides a simple to configure and easy-to-use dashboard portal where your organization’s authorized applications are presented once a user has successfully validated and authenticated themselves.


Align to Internal Security Requirements and Regulations

With strong key management and security controls which use the latest technology, accepted security standards and government approved cryptography, idenprotect can help you meet the most stringent security requirements.


Increase User Productivity Within Your Organization

Remove the user frustrations and provide security that your users will enjoy using. Securely enable “login once, access many” application access experience – all with no passwords to use or remember.


Secure On-Premises & Cloud Applications

Enable SSO and protect both internal and externally hosted applications from one solution. Within the idenprotect platform, you can use the federation service to automatically secure your applications with ease.


Unparalleled User Experience Across the Enterprise

A password-free approach to access applications from a single portal. All the user needs is their mobile device and their chosen biometric to securely access their applications from any computer or mobile device.


Deploy On-Premise, in the Cloud or as a Hybrid

idenprotect recognizes that many organizations do not want to move any or all of their data and services to the cloud. idenprotect works in any combination of on-premise and cloud-based strategies.


Using other SSO systems?

Not a problem. With idenprotect you can use the Password-free authentication with technologies such as Microsoft ADFS, Okta, Ping Identity and many more, however, if you need a platform that is simple to use, integrates well with thousands of applications and want to realize your ROI quicker, then a combined idenprotect MFA and SSO solution may be the best choice.

Bringing Authentication methods together for Single Sign-On

Different applications may have different requirements to allow a user to authenticate. To ensure a consistent and fluid SSO experience across the enterprise, idenprotect caters for these different requirements by bringing together different methods and protocols such as SAML, WS-Fed, OAuth, ODIC, RADIUS, Kerberos and more to ensure that it can cater for the thousands of applications and services in a simple to configure manner.