Why iDENprotect?

Because We Eliminate Your Password Vulnerabilities

Stay Safer

Combining iDENprotect’s patent granted software, Public-Key cryptography and the secure hardware in modern mobile and computing devices to eliminate the threat of password compromise.

Deploy Faster

Ultra-fast deployment either on-premise or on cloud. Setup your workforce in hours rather than months.

Do More

Save your users time by reducing the number of logins and unnecessary login processes.

Spend Less

Reduce IT costs by reducing the burden on Helpdesk by password reset and unlock processes.

Eliminating known password vulnerabilities and security issues, iDENprotect is the first password-free authentication, single sign-on and identity management platform. As leaders in the area of access technology, our mission to rid the world of painful to use and vulnerable passwords started in 2013 with our decentralised credential management and a complete Managed Client Identity (MCI) technology, firstly by creating a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 aligned Bluetooth device in a small token and a credit-card device, then by leveraging the secure chip technology that exists in many of today’s mobile and computing platforms. Using our patent-protected software combined with the secure chips on mobile and computer devices, iDENprotect successfully segregates and protects sensitive “keys” which are then used for secure authentication.

The result –User credentials can no longer be stolen by malware attacks. The risks of fraud are reduced, and the protection of your data is enhanced as phishing and credential theft becomes impossible. Problems caused by credential reuse and credential sharing instantly disappear.

The iDENprotect Difference

Security, Ease and Flexibility

Our unique approach utilises a key managed in hardware, so it is much more secure than any solution based on a key stored in software. Unlike traditional software tokens, our innovative technology leverages the secure hardware built into modern mobile devices to simplify security, reduce costs and enhance productivity. With iDENprotect you can enable your business to increase the availability of information and ease of access without creating additional risk.

Improved Security

iDENprotect’s military-grade cryptography uses public key infrastructure (PKI) to ensure your security. Our solution creates a private key in the internal security hardware of the user’s device and stores it in a tamper-resistant vault. This means that even the device’s own operating system cannot force a breach and it is impossible to copy or remove the key. iDENprotect’s approach delivers security over a mobile device that is as secure as traditional hardware tokens and smartcards.

Improved Usability

Passwords were always meant to combine ease of use with security. However, as complex password setting requirements and multi-factor authentication (MFA) have been added to defend the humble password the ease of use has been lost.

iDENprotect uses biometrics on mobile devices that provides both convenience and security whilst removing the password all together.

Improved Productivity

Removing the need for your users to have to manage any password, iDENprotect’s superior usability speeds up access and improves productivity.

Your users want to be able to access the tools and data they rely on whenever they need them. Security is important to them, but it’s probably not as important  as the speed and ease of access.

Reduced Risk

Over 80% of data breaches are due to a password compromise. iDENprotect will protect you from all such breaches as you will have no passwords or shared secrets for an attacker or hacker to steal.

Reduced Costs

Passwords were always considered inexpensive to set up, but organizations are now suffering significant costs running systems that rely on passwords.

The iDENprotect authentication solution can run on the user’s private devices. The costs of corporate owned devices and those of expensive hardware tokens or smartcards and their associated readers are eliminated once you can allow trusted access to sensitive data via BYO devices.

Reduced Complexity

For the business, using iDENprotect means no cards, card readers, number generators or similar additional hardware. It also means no unnecessary administrative processes or costs, no heavy deployment and greatly improved operational efficiency.

While for the user, using iDENprotect, they only need to log in once to gain access to all their vital systems, data and applications. No longer do users need to carry around specialist security devices and no longer do they need to request password resets as they forget increasingly complex passwords. Using iDENprotect the user now has much more time to focus on the work that counts.

iDENprotect’s Products

Password-Free Multi-Factor Authentication

Enables you to set up and use multi-factor authentication using mobile devices to allow your users to access the data and resources they need in a secure and password-free manner. 

Password-Free and Flexible Single Sign-On

Access everything from web applications, systems and services using a password-free single login process that is adaptable to your environment.

Decentralized Managed Client Identity

iDENprotect’s unique Managed Client Identity provides a non-password based credential system within the secure chips of mobile devices to robustly secure credentials in a decentralized way.