Why iDENprotect?

Improved Security

iDENprotect’s military-grade technology uses public key infrastructure (PKI) to ensure your security. Our technology stores a private key in the internal security hardware of the user’s device to create a tamper-resistant vault. This means that even a device’s own operating system cannot force a breach and it is impossible to copy or remove the key. iDENprotect’s approach delivers security over a mobile device is as secure as traditional hardware tokens and smartcards.

We provide secure authentication from the personal attributes of your users – attributes that cannot be copied and so provide immutable identification.

Improved Usability

Passwords were always meant to combine ease of use with security. However, as multi-factor authentication (MFA) has been added on top of the humble password the ease of use has been lost – while the security is sometimes questionable too.

The iDENprotect solution requires the user to behave as they normally would and be recognised as themselves – either using biometrics or behavior that identifies them as them.

Improved Productivity

Your users want access to the tools and data they need when they need them. Security is important, but not as important [for the user] as the speed and ease of access.

iDENprotect improves productivity by no longer requiring your users to have to remember passwords and creating a secure process that the user may not even know is taking place as they access their applications and data.

Reduced Cyberthreats

Cyberthreats are usually associated with clever hackers performing complex, usually illegal, activities to gain access to your systems and data. And yet most breaches come from individual errors – whether in the form of an overly simplistic password (eg, 123456) and a password spray attack, being phished, or sharing their password intentionally or inadvertently with the wrong people.

By removing passwords you can remove the chances for errors of this kind. And what can a hacker hack if there is no password?

Reduced Costs

Passwords were always considered inexpensive to set up, but people forget the cost to run a system that relies on passwords and, more importantly, people’s ability to remember them. Our research estimates that forgotten passwords may cost a business up to £1.4m per year.

Not only that, but the iDENprotect authentication solution can run on the user’s device. Cost and time savings are delivered by allowing trusted access to sensitive data via a BYO device, not a corporate owned device and the purchase of expensive hardware tokens or smartcards and their associated readers.

Reduced Complexity

For the business, using iDENprotect means no cards, card readers, number generators or similar additional hardware. It also means no unnecessary administrative processes or costs, no heavy deployment and greatly improved operational efficiency.

While for the user, using iDENprotect, they only need to log in once to gain access to all their vital systems, data and applications. No longer do users need to carry around specialist security devices and no longer do they need to request password resets as they forget increasingly complex passwords. Using iDENprotect the user now has much more time to focus on the work that counts.

iDENprotect Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base contains a number of useful articles to help with the installation, integration and operation of iDENprotect solutions

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