We make working life a little easier

Logging in shouldn’t be complicated.
Now it doesn’t have to be.

Passwords are naturally complicated. They have to be long, hard to guess, different for every application, changed regularly, reset when forgotten and typed in multiple times every day. We eradicate this complication by eradicating the password itself. All the while making your organisation safer than it was before.


Its time to go password-less

Most authentication solutions are password-based or rely on shared secrets like OTPs. We believe one password is one too many. This is why our solutions rely on biometric inputs, the secure hardware on smart devices and public key infrastructure (PKI), requiring no passwords of any kind.


Three authentication factors

We offer multi-factor authentication using three identity-confirming credentials, which is always safer than two. The first is a unique biological trait such as your face or fingerprint. The second is your smart device and, specifically, the secure chip inside it. And the third, instead of being a password, is a private key stored in that chip.


Two keys are better than one

Most authentication solutions rely on two or more parties having access to one ‘secret’ key. Like a password, it’s a shared secret, which means it’s not really secret at all. Our solution uses public key cryptography (PKC) to create two keys: one public, one private. As the private key is stored in hardware and not directly accessible, it’s a real secret, making it much more secure.


The unbreachable bank vault

Typically, authentication keys are stored in software. But that’s like putting them in an envelope. It’s sealed, but it’s not exactly hard to get into. We store your private key in the secure chip in your smart device, which is like putting it in a bank vault that can’t be breached. Malware can’t reach it. Hackers can’t remove it. And no one can get into your applications without it.

We give you more

More security

We eliminate vulnerable passwords using military-grade public key cryptography, biometric sensors and the secure chip on mobile and other smart devices.

More consistency

We integrate with thousands of applications and systems, such as Microsoft Office 365, Citrix and Oracle-based systems, for a seamless and consistent user experience.

More efficiency

We cut out time and costs associated with managing passwords, significantly improving operational efficiency.

More convenience

We enable users to log in within seconds with a quick scan of their face or fingerprint, and they only have to sign in once.

More productivity

We give users and IT teams more time for the work that counts, rather than being stuck managing and resetting passwords.

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